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OAKLEY company recently in the online published the shape of the new replica oakley sunglasses MP3 player, named Split Thump. With the previous release of the product is different, Split Thump on the headphones can be demolished, when you do not want to listen to music can be removed as an ordinary sunglasses. Currently, Split Thump MP3 player has 512MB, 1GB, 2GB three sizes. Colors are dark gray outer section, white and brown smoke color, etc. to choose from, you can enter OKaley view. Oakley recently exposed his glasses with Jeff Si Taibo joint second song series. This series of two: one of which was inspired by the classic style of Oakley The Razor Blade, and use SWITCHLOCK technology makes more comfortable to wear, and Jeff Staple of hand-painted glasses are such that each one is unique. The other models in the series are used white with colored stripes, tidal flavor. Oakley because the movie "The Matrix" and was reported that the faithful are well aware, while this year's hot plastic box series is a joint recruited for various brands sale of limited series, the classic Frogskin style is one type of tide Required , reported that the faithful do the determined water? In addition to its patented technology lenses can block 100% of harmful UV and blue light on the vision, the clarity of more than U.S. ANSI industrial standards. Oakley will also meet their own high-quality sports frames developed shatterproof lenses reveals a new series of sunglasses degree, in addition to tailor-made according to face shape and comfortable for long periods outside, better play the role of protecting the eyes, but also because of the need The replacement of sunglasses. selection of high-impact sports goggles replica oakleys patented material with high strength, good thermal adjustability, allergy sexual patented ultra-soft pads, can absorb maximum impact. Activities, athletes can give full play to their activity level. Therefore, the world-renowned athletes to use OAKLEY products to protect their eyes proud.

replica sunglasses

In the Shanghai International Film Festival, replica sunglasses specially selected Crosslink series of frames and sunglasses as a gift Garage Rock Series VIP guests glasses. oakleys replica of the nose and ears fixed at the use of Unobtainium (water resistance rubber) non-slip material, can help the wearer achieve unparalleled wear stability; each deputy Crosslink frames are mirror leg match two colors can be flexibly disassemble, address multiple occasions. Ladies and gentlemen, for the film festival, no doubt, will become the daily work Crosslink, business occasions and sports and leisure fully take into account a good friend. The Garage Rock Oakley this summer launched a new retro style sunglasses. By the 1960s, a wave of American garage rock inspired, sunglass replica will be retro, original design elements into Garage Rock. Philosophy of art and technology is wrapped throughout the series design, as contemporary film culture, the artistic expression with the perfect combination of advanced film technology, constantly works better presented to the public. Oakley on innovation pursuit makes scientific rigor, with sculptural design and unique style challenge conventional thinking. Oakley brand has always been looking for opportunities, technology win, the principles of art into packaging, with excellent design, Oakley in the world has more than 600 patents and 800 registered trademarks, and become the hottest world-class brand.